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Jakarta Food Truck is happening right now! I've seen them on many medias, such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and TV. Then, I saw their instagram's post that they'll be at Lippo Mall Puri St. Moritz- the newest shopping mall in West Jakarta. Yeyyy! It's near from my house. So I went there few days ago. FYI, they'll park their food truck only from July 1-July 5, 2014 at Lippo Mall Puri's Lobby. The next stop? Scroll-down for more info ;) Anyway, here are the fooood!

Nasi JFT Komplit (around 28k). Nasi gurih, teri pedas, telor ceplok, semur daging, sambal fishball, and acar. The rice is cooked-well, but not really savory for me. The teri pedas and sambal fishball are pretty delicious. What I like the most is the semur daging, it's juicy and tender, and also... delish! Can you see the melting egg yolk? YUM. The portion is basically quite generous. Well, I've to tell you that Indonesian food are the best, even though they don't look good, but the tastes can't go wrong! :9

Sloppy Joe (around 35k). Burger bun, spicy ground beef, french fries, and salad. This dish is originally from the US and that was my first time tried this kind of burger. It's very unique, the burger uses the ground beef instead of using burger patty. So you can't eat with your bare hands, I mean the ground beef will fall- I used spoon and fork for it. I like this sloppy joe burger! The burger bun was soft, the spicy ground beef was delicious and tasty, but not too spicy for me. The spicy ground beef reminds me of the topping of spaghetti bolognaise. The french fries and the salad were just okay.

Here are the photos of the "famous truck" :

Overall, I really recommend this JFT to everyone who wants to have lunch or dinner with a unique dining experience with different atmosphere in an open space. The trend has risen in popularity in the US, which we can usually see on TV. Actually, there are several food trucks (at the same place- Lippo Mall Puri) which serve different variety of food, but this time I review the most famous JFT. JFT offers western food and also Indonesian food to fulfill Indonesians needs. Their targets are office workers on weekdays and families on weekends, most of their customers are teenagers! I believe the power of social media, especially instagram. The dishes I ordered are JFT's signature dishes, and they were great. For me, the dishes aren't addictive, but above my expectation. Lastly, this food truck is very attractive, isn't it?

Where is JFT now? Check these social medias for more info :)

Jakarta Food Truck
Instagram : @jktfoodtruck
Twitter : @jktfoodtruck
Facebook : Jakartafoodtruck

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