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Last week, I went to Grand Indonesia special for visiting Imperial Lamian to fulfill my crave of Lamian! What is Lamian? For you who doesn't know, Lamian is a type of Chinese noodle which is made by stretching and folding the dough into strands (based on wikipedia). You can enjoy lamian at many Chinese restaurants in Jakarta. One of the best place to eat lamian is Imperial Lamian which I'm goin to review.. Scroll down!!!


Xiao Long Bao - Pork (18k). Shanghai steamed minced pork dumpling. WARNING. This is not halal. The pork filling was a bomb! And it was ADDICTED. FYI, there's a technique to eat xiao long bao, like an art of eating. I won't explain it here, you can googling it ;) I love the broth so much, so flavorful! Especially the pork fillings.. Superb delish! I always order XLB whenever I wanna have a dimsum. Imperial Lamian's XLB is one of the best in Jakarta :9

Fried Noodle with Pork Char Siu (32k). Ahhh this was so good! I was shocked when it arrived at my table, the portion was huge! I couldn't finish it by myself. The portion is should be for 2 persons. This noodle is delicious. The pork char siu was good, juicy and tender. The only negative thing is... this noodle is quite oily. Oily means not good for your health :( But the taste is so good seriously. You guys gotta try it!

Lamian with Sliced Beef in Chili Oil (40k). Based on the menu, it has three chilis logo which means it is extremely hot. Hence, I asked the waiter if the chili oil could be separated with the noodle, and he said yes. I did that coz I couldn't eat a dish which is very hot. Not fan of chili actually. Well, I really love the lamian! the broth! the sliced beef! All of them. The lamian was quite thin and very delicious. The broth was rich and flavorful. The sliced beef was thin, juicy, and tender. It's such a perfect dish. Thanks for made me and my tummy happy :9 RECOMMENDED.

Iced Milk Tea (15k). It was okay.

Overall, I really recommend this Chinese restaurant to everyone! Good food with very affordable price, good service, good place, good ambiance! I love the lamian so damn much. The service was fast and friendly. FYI, the restaurant is always full-packed at lunch and dinner time, so.. you'd better come early if you don't wanna be on the waiting list. Imperial Lamian will always have a place in my heart, seriously. One of the best lamian in Jakarta. Not only the lamian, they also offer wide variety of Chinese food you can try. And not all of them are non-halal though. You all guys should pay a visit ;) I'll come back for sure. VERY RECOMMENDED. 

Imperial Lamian
Grand Indonesia 3A Fl. Sky Bridge
Ph: 021- 2358 0567

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