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A Vietnamese-Asian restaurant has just opened at PIK area. It's called Bo&Bun managed by Their first establishment in 2014 located in Seminyak, Bali. Decorated with French bistro theme, you can enjoy their exotic dishes with romantic ambience.

Even though the place isn't really big, but I love their interior!

Chamomile Tea (25k). They use Twinnings for the tea. I fell in love with the vintage tea pot!

Chicken & Basil (60k). Minced chicken, sweet sour Thai lime sauce, Thai basil, shallots, assorted herbs, steamed rice and fried egg (I requested sunny side up egg). Actually I wanted to order the pork chop, but unfortunately it was sold out. The staff said this is one of the most recommended rice dish, so I ordered it. What I like from Vietnamese-Asian food is the rich flavor which comes with rich herbs and spices. This was not bad, I enjoyed it much until the last bite, the chicken was perfectly cooked with rich taste.

"The 12 Hour" Pho (90k). Beef broth, sliced tenderloin, sliced beef shanks, beef meatballs, rice noodles, coriander stems, sliced onions, side of fresh bean sprouts, chili, Thai basil and lime. Since their specialties are Vietnamese food, so I ordered their Pho. This one was so good! I really love the rich beef broth, along with tender meat. As a food blogger, I always spend some minutes to take pictures before eat so the food won't be warm anymore, that's the consequence. So I asked the staff to add more broth but he said I'll be charged for additional broth. Well, it's not about the charge, but I think it's okay just to add little broth when some other restaurants would give it for free. Furthermore, maybe I'll come back and try not to take pictures before eat lol. Hmm I also think it's because 'limited daily supply' was written on the menu.

Rukan Garden House Blok B no. 18C
Pantai Indah Kapuk

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