Piring Emas

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Few days ago, I visited an Indonesian restaurant at Lippo Mall Puri named Piring Emas (Gold Plate). The place isn't really big but it seems interesting. Let's get started to review it!

Tahu Telor (40k). Deep fried tofu and bitten egg served with fresh cucumber, bean sprout, leek, and chilli soy sauce. The presentation was so unique, just like a tiny tower. It was crispy outside, smooth inside. For my tastebud, the chilli soy sauce was a bit too spicy but it was still okay. Such a good appetizer to start.

Gado-gado (30k). Traditional vegetable salad mix with tempe and tofu served with petis peanut sauce. The portion was generous, unfortunately I didn't like the peanut sauce because it was a bit too sweet. I think they just need to improve the peanut sauce for this dish.

Soto Ayam Lamongan (35k). Yellow clear chicken soup served with tomato, white cabbage, and boiled egg. They didn't use MSG for this soto ayam, so I was a bit surprised that the taste was pretty decent. Even though it has light flavor (healthy!), but it was still good.

Soto Daging Betawi (65k). Creamy coconut soup served with slice of braised beef, vegetable, boiled egg, potato, and melinjo cracker. The braised beef was so tender and easy to chew along with the delish creamy coconut soup. Best served hot. Yum!

Iga Bakar Kecap (90k). Grilled beef ribs with herb and sweet soy sauce, served with sambal and hot vegetable soup. My favorite dish at Piring Emas. The beef ribs were very juicy, tender and well-grilled. Recommended!

Gurame Pesmol (85k). Deep fried of gurame fish served with pesmol sauce. Another favorite here! The gurame fish was well-cooked, crispy, and not fishy at all. Moreover the delicious pesmol sauce, this was definitely a must-try!

Pisang Goreng (30k). Deep fried banana with brown sugar sauce. Actually it had such a nice presentation, however it was a bit tough. They should cut it into a thinner size so it wouldn't be tough to bite.

Avocado iced coffee (25k). Fresh avocado juice with chocolate ice cream and coffee. So refreshing!

Es Pisang Ungu (40k). Traditional dessert from South Sulawesi served with mocha and crushed ice. At first I thought they used talas for the color of the banana, in fact it's just flour that made chewy texture. Honestly, I couldn't find something special with this dessert just like ordinary es campur however their pisang ungu is very unique.

Piring Emas
Lippo Mall Puri 1st Floor #95
Ph: 021- 30493000

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