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Have you been impressed with these modern high class kitchens? You can not only see these at Modena headquarter & showroom, but also join a cooking class! Yes, a cooking class; Culinaria Modena. I was so excited to join it because that was my very first time. At Culinaria Modena, they have several cooking classes each month which come with different theme and mentor. About the price, you have to spend at least IDR 500k for each class. All classes will be held for 3 hours starts from 10am-1pm, including cooking demo by the professional chef and followed by hands-on cooking for the participants. Anyway, you should check their instagram @culinariamodena for further information.

The mentor this time on March 22, 2017 was Chef Ade, who specializes in baking. In this baking class, he taught us step by step how to make : 1. Cranberry & Pistachio Biscotti, 2. Beef Floss Roll, and 3. Sweet Potato Bread. He's such a friendly chef and he answered all questions by the participants patiently.

1. Cranberry & Pistachio Biscotti


My favorite among the three dishes- cranberry & pistachio biscotti. Biscotti is basically crispy biscuit from Italia. The name comes from Latin language which means twice-baked. It's usually dipped in a drink, such as tea, coffee, or even wine. I really love the texture, dry, crunchy, and flavorful as well. The combination between cranberry and pistachio made it great. If you hardly find the ingredients, you can replace it with almond or other nuts.

2. Beef Floss Roll

The second recipe was beef floss roll. You may know this kind of bread because it's a common one you can find at a bakery (like Breadtalk). Even though you can easily buy this at a bakery, but I believe making it by yourself give you your own satisfaction and happiness! Anyway, it wasn't hard to make it as I thought and the chef showed us clearly step by step how to make it. The beef floss roll was delish! It has a soft and moist texture at the same time, moreover with beef floss by Ny.Siok.

3. Sweet Potato Bread


The last recipe was sweet potato bread. It's a simple bread, made from orange sweet potato, but you can also use the purple one. I might say this was the easiest one to make from the three recipes. I like how soft and fluffy it was, although the sweet potato wasn't sweet at all so the bread came with light taste, I meant healthy!

Overall, I really enjoyed my baking cooking experience here at Culinaria Modena. If you're looking something fun and exciting to do.. why not join an interactive cooking class with professional chefs and supported by a modern high class kitchen? In here, you can not only see the cooking demo, but also the most important thing is you can practice it at the main kitchen area guided by the chef. And of course, you can try it at your home later. Let's join a fun cooking class and discover the chef in you!

Culinaria Modena - Modena Experience Center
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio C4 No. 13
Jakarta Selatan

Ph: 021- 2996 9598

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