TOF Sicacilla

7:00 PM

TOF Sicacilla. I guess that TOF means tarts & coffee. TOF Sicacilla is a tiny yet humble coffee shop which located at the Italian Walk complex of Mall of Indonesia (MOI). It wasn't hard to find it, exactly in front of the MOI's lobby 8. When I came here, there were some people with their notebook and coffee, of course. Yep, this place is such a comfortable place to have coffee and also work. The ambience was nice, but there's no natural light spot like nowadays coffee shops whereas the place has dim lights.

Hot Taro Latte (35k). My favorite one. Warm, sweet enough, and not too creamy.

French Toast Sticks (50k). Cinnamon French toast sticks served with fresh strawberries, raisins, vanilla ice cream, and maple sauce. I really love the cinnamon aroma when it came to my table. Even though the toast sticks were burnt at the edge, but the presentation was pretty, with slices of strawberries and raisins. Unfortunately, the vanilla ice cream scoop was a bit too small, compared to the toast sticks size, I meant I need more :P

TOF Sicacilla
Komplek Italian Walk Blok B no. 43
Mall of Indonesia, Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara
Ph: 021- 4587 1031

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