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10:14 PM

This is a very late post review for a pop-up store of Genji Shoppe (Genji Pie Indonesia). Located at the lobby area of PIM 3 Street Gallery, this eye-catching pop-up store maked everyone wanted to visit it. So sad, last Sunday was their final day :( I will be waiting for their next pop-up store in Jakarta! Anyway, here I will show you :)

 I called this "A Door to Happiness"

What's inside?

What's outside? Prepare yourself to see these BEAUTIFUL ARTWORKS made by many famous artists :

They are such beautiful art paintings, aren't they?


"This isn't a Martini" (25k). Yeah, it's not a Martini, just looks like it. It's actually a layered chocolate mousse! And it's perfect to dip your Genji Pie into the chocolate mousse! I believe it's nicer than a martini :9

Well, the pop-up store was ended since last Sunday. And they will be missed. Everyone will be waiting for them! FYI, their next destination is Bandung city. I was really amazed with their beautiful art paintings.. they were just AWESOME eh? ;)

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  1. what a unique cafe they have, where exactly this cafe located in jakarta?

    1. Hi this is a pop-up cafe, now it's not available anymore. Wait for more updates!


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