Marco Padang Grill

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M stands for MARCO Padang Grill. Marco Padang is the 1st Padang Bistro specialized in Old Padang Peranakan Recipe and others Authentic Padang Cuisine. From outside of the restaurant, you will be amazed and little bit 'confused' is this a Padang Restaurant or what? Because their nice interior make them different and unique from any other Padang Rest. Marco Padang is located at Lotte Shopping Avenue. Okay no need to talk more, here you go! Ready to drool! :9

Es Jeruk Kelapa (25k). This fresh squeezed orange juice served with coconut. So refreshing!!!

What I ordered : Nasi Sayo, Barramundi Panggang Pacak, and Soto Padang.

Nasi Sayo (16k). OMG THIS IS SO FUCKING DELICIOUS :9 I think I could eat this without any addition dish. Because this is superb delicious! (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)

The rice served with vegetables, rendang sauce, curry sauce, red and green chilli.

Barramundi Panggang Pacak (55k). This dish is one of the signature dish of Marco Padang. So no doubt! THIS IS SO SO SO GOOD :9 The barramundi is well marinated with their special secret ingredients and grilled very well. It's so good to eat this with nasi sayo! Perfect combination :)

Soto Padang (35k). The soto served with rice noodle, smooth potato, and fried sliced beef. What's special on soto padang is that they use fried beef. I love this too! But unfortunately, I think it wasn't my lucky day, the beef is a little bit hard. I expected it was crunchy and tender.

Here are the pictures of the nice interior :

LEGACY. The Legacy that Keeps Me Hungry for More. -MARCO Padang Grill-

Overall, I'm really in love with this Padang Rest. I'm brave to say this is The BEST Padang Rest in Jakarta. As we know, Padang is one of popular cuisine in Indonesia. Even the rendang dish became the world's best food. And at this Padang Rest, you can find many superb delicious Padang cuisine. What I recommend you to order when you visit MARCO are : Nasi sayo, Barramundi panggang pacak. I will be coming back for sure to try other dish, such as Rendang itam, Dendeng batokok, etc. All of their food are so mouth-watering. "Eat Padang with Style" is a nice sentence to describe MARCO Padang. If you want to go to a restaurant with nice interior and you crave for Padang cuisine, you have to go to here!!! The place is so romantic to have lunch/ dinner with your loved one. The service was also fast and friendly. I'm craving for their food now. Gosh...AHHH THIS IS SO RECOMMENDED! :)

Marco Padang Grill
Lotte Shopping Avenue 3rd Floor Unit 16
Ph: 021- 2988 9377

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