Parc19 Bistro Terrace

7:00 PM

Crayfish Bisque (70k). A classic bisque with crayfish. I love the simple presentation and also the pretty crayfish. The cream soup isn't too creamy and it's so yum! The crayfish is cooked well and it's nice to dip the crayfish meat to the soup! Such a unique taste. You'd better eat the soup when it's hot. I'm lovin it!

Dori Fish Sambal Matah (75k). Fried dori fish fillet served with special sambal matah, vegetables, and steamed white rice. The dori fish fillet is super delicious!!! Moreover, with the special sambal matah, the dori fish tastes so perfect! I couldn't find anything wrong with this dish since it's Parc19's lunch special. Best dori fish ever. I love this so much :9 *drooling*

Beef Peperoni Pizza (75k). A thinly pizza with beef peperoni topping. This crispy thin pizza is not bad! In my opinion, this pizza is above standard, I can taste the peperoni. Unfortunately, after I take photos of it, the pizza isn't hot anymore, so it isn't too crispy. But that was okay, it's still decent :P

Banana Shortcake (55k). Banana shortcake topped with caramalized banana, raisins, chopped nuts, almond chocolates, served with vanilla ice cream. Even though I was already full at that time, but there's always a room for dessert. And luckily, this banana shortcake made me smile :) I like the shortcake texture, not too tough and not too crumbly. The caramalized banana and vanilla ice cream is a perfect combination. I love it!!! Have I made you drool by these mouth-watering photos? ;)

Anyway, here are the indoor and semi-outdoor interiors :

 Special thanks to Parc19 Bistro Terrace - Ms. Cici for inviting JiF :) JiF had a great time here, he enjoyed the ambiance and the great food

Overall, I love all the food they served. I can say all of them have such nice taste. Their lunch special, Dori fish sambal matah is a must! You gotta try it when you come here. I also like their classic rustic designs of the interior, it reflects cozy-comfort-homey ambiance. Imagine you have a great time with your loved ones, sitting on the minimalist sofa, enjoying great food with delightful atmosphere, or just watch the time goes by. Located at the heart of Kemang area, I'm sure they'll become one of the most visit bistro at Kemang. The service was also fast and friendly. The price? Reasonable. So I can conclude that Parc19 is worth to try! :) 

Parc19 Bistro Terrace
Jl. Taman Kemang 19
Ph: 021- 719 9988

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