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Last weekend, I had lunch at "The best Taiwanese snacks in town" located at Tribecca Park, Central Park Mall. It's called I Love Taimei. ILTM just opened their first outlet in Indonesia since last December. Actually, I haven't tried ILTM in Singapore, but I believe the outlet in Jakarta will be the same. Here is the review. Check it out!

Super caramel milk and Mango popz (22k). The super caramel milk is actually a glass of milk with caramel syrup, grass jelly & sago as the additional toppings. Even though it's a little bit too sweet for me, but I really love the taste! It's a perfect combination between milk and caramel syrup, even more the toppings; the grass jelly was so soft and smooth. Recommended! It's really nice to have such refreshing drink like this, as we know the extremely hot weather recently. The mango popz is also nice and refreshing! But for me, it's a little bit too sour. I prefer the super caramel milk. Pardon me, I'm not a fan of mango :P It's an alternative drink if you dislike the milk things. Fruits are good for your health anyway.

JiF's choice goes to... Super caramel milk!!! Sluurrrppp :9

Jolin crispy chicken (32k). This crispy chicken is so crispy! and also tender and juicy. I like how their consistency to give the big portion and thick cuts. It's served with vegetable salad. The thing is the chicken is delicious! I think it will be perfect to eat these with steamed rice. 

Crispy chicken skin (18k). Crispy chicken skin is a side-dish menu. First, I wasn't interested to try this because of their looks. But I predicted it wrong, the chicken skin is so crunchy! But honestly, I prefer the selina chicken one *scroll-down!

Tofu fries (18k). These tofu fries is also a side-dish menu. I chose the seaweed fries flavors as the waitress said it was one of the most favorite flavor. I love it!!! The tofu is crispy in the outside and soft-smooth in the inside. 

Popcorn chicken (27k). It's called popcorn because the shape is similar with popcorn. I like this popcorn chicken because it's delicious! The texture was dry, but it was okay. The taste is good, not too salty.

The last one... The BEST ONE! :)

Selina BBQ crispy chicken (32k). Selina is crispy chicken cutlets with bbq flavor. It's ILTM's all-time favorite. I really love this!!! OMG. The chicken is deep-fried perfectly, so tender and juicy. The texture wasn't dry like any other Taiwanese crispy chicken, but it was nice. I guess they marinated the chicken first, so the taste was very rich. The portion is quite big FYI! DELISH! I just couldn't stop eating this! You have to try this when come to ILTM :9

 JiF's all-time favorite

Anyway, here are some pics of the ILTM... "A Flavor Of LOVE" -I Love Taimei

Overall, I love all of their snacks! All of them were crispy-crunchy yet delicious. Moreover, the Selina bbq crispy chicken! Believe me it was so so good. You have to order that when you pay a visit to ILTM. The portion of the snacks are big and nice to share with your family or friends or loved ones. For the drinks, the super caramel milk is really a must try! Thanks so much I Love Taimei for having JiF last weekend. I'll definitely come back soon :D

I Love Taimei
Tribecca Park Lv. UG-06 Central Park Mall
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28

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