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Last week, I had a great lunch at a newly re-opened classy restaurant, called Immigrant Dining Room. It's actually the same Immigrant, but added with new concept. After the renovation, the dining area and the club are now separated. Located at Plaza Indonesia 6th floor beside the XXI Cinema, I think this place should be on your list ;) Why? Scroll-down.

Here you go for the delish food!

Portobello Mushrooms (70k). Mushrooms baked with smoked beef chorizo, mozzarella cheese, thyme, and double cream. The mushrooms baked perfectly and not oily at all. I love the combination of the cream and the cheese, they were thick but not overwhelming the taste. Personally, I don't like dry salad, I prefer salad with much dressing, and fortunately, here you can see the balsamic sauce, and it's nice eh. I have to tell you that I love this! This is such a nice opening appetizer for me. The only thing I dislike from this dish is that there's only two mushrooms here :P

Tea-smoked Salmon Omelette (90k). Omelette topped with garlic sautéed mushrooms, roasted baby tomatoes, and lemon fraîche. I was really amazed with the presentation when it came to my table. This was my first time seeing such a pretty neat omelette. Firstly I think the texture was tough, but I was wrong. It was quite soft inside and crunchy outside. I can taste the tea-smoked salmon, so unique. This one is one of their signature dish and it was delish! 

Wagyu Beef Burger (140k). Grilled patty of Australian wagyu beef, tomato chutney, jalapenos, cornichon, and mozzarella gratin served with lead salad and chunky potato fries. There's a rumor that this one should be the best burger in Jakarta, and I believe that it's true ;) Even it's better than the ... you know what I mean. The Australian wagyu beef was so delish! It was tender and juicy even though it's grilled well done. But you can request it actually. The chunky potato fries was just okay. Overall the burger is actually a little bit spicy, but I can still tolerate it and it tastes so so good. FYI, the portion was so big! I couldn't eat it all alone. You guys gotta try this ;)

VALRHONA- Dark Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (65k). One of my all-time favorite dessert is chocolate dessert which melts; chocolate lava cake, molten lava cake, or whatever you call it. And this Valrhona just made my day :9 This is so yum!!! Can you imagine the melting sensation in your mouth by starring at these pics?! Moreover, served with vanilla ice cream! Nomnomnom... Geez. I'm drooling right now!

The cocktails :

Rossini (98k). Sparkling wine and raspberry. This rossini tastes not too strong and I like it. It's nice for those who didn't drink.

GTO (98k). The mix of gin, triple sec, orange, grape, lemon, lime, and grape fruit. This one tastes stronger than the Rossini. I like the cute tiny-shaped watermelon :P

I'm in love with their nice interior and the black & white floors!

Special thanks to The Immigrant Dining Room - Ms. Cynthia for having JiF :) Congratulation for the re-opened Immigrant Dining Room!

Overall, I love all of the food they served. They all were so so good. Especially, their wagyu beef burger! It's the BOMB! You guys gotta try it when pay a visit to this nice place! Yep, Immigrant Dining Room is such a nice classy restaurant. I can say they're a semi-fine dining restaurant, so you can just dress neat casual or semi-formal. Well, it's great to bring your family, friends, or your loved ones to dine and chat in here. The service was fast and their staffs were friendly to customers. Great food, great place, great atmosphere :) Immigrant Dining Room should be on YOUR LIST. RECOMMENDED!

The Immigrant Dining Room
Plaza Indonesia 6th Fl. besides XXI Cinema
RSVP: 021- 2992 4125/ 0812 99 3000 99

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