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Kelapa Gading area is such a huge culinary area where you can find so many delicacies. I'm sure you'll get confused to decide what to eat while you're at that area. Got vouchers from a Boga Group Competition, I went to Canton Paradise to claim it :D Canton Paradise is a Chinese restaurant managed by Boga Group which specialized in Hong Kong's essence. Curious about their food? Let's check them out.

Crispy BBQ Honey Pork Bun (29k). The bun is crispy and not oily at all. The fillings are generous too as you can see on the photo, the BBQ honey pork fillings are mouth-watering, aren't them? This is so GOOD. A great opening for me. A must-order dish at Canton Paradise! NYAM :9

Crispy Roast Duck Noodle - Dry (49k). Honestly, I was confused to decide what noodle to order, because there's lot of variants on the menu! Finally without thinking more I chose the roast duck noodle. I'm a fan of crispy roast duck, but unfortunately I wasn't impressed with this. The roast duck wasn't crispy at all. I don't know why maybe it wasn't my lucky day or what. You know sometimes, a good dish could be wrong when the chef couldn't maintain it. And sometimes too, when the restaurant is full-packed the chefs tend to cook faster/ in a hurry. Anyway, I love the noodle texture- super thin. One of the thinniest noodle I ever had.

BBQ Combination 3 Varieties (169k). Consist of : crackling pork belly, 'crispy roast duck', and steamed chicken in canton style. The only thing I love from this dish is the crackling pork belly. It was very crispy and delicious! Actually I was a little bit disappointed, I should've order the crackling pork belly alone. No need to order the combination. The crispy roast duck wasn't crispy at all :( The steamed chicken is still okay for my taste. You'd better order the crackling pork belly alone! It was so GOOD :P

Overall, I was impressed and also disappointed with their food. But I still ensure myself that wasn't my lucky day and I hope so. I also hope that my next visit would be better. What I suggest you to order when you dine in here are the crispy bbq honey pork bun and the crackling pork belly. These two dishes were great and maked my tummy happy. The service was pretty fast even though the restaurant is very crowded. The interior is authentic and classy, luckily I like the ambiance there. Well, I'd like to come back since Canton Paradise is actually a nice Chinese Restaurant for dine in with your lovely family :)

Canton Paradise
Mall Kelapa Gading 3 Level G #15B-C
Ph: 021- 4585 3918

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