Marché Restaurant - Plaza Senayan

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First, I'd like to tell you the method to dine in this restaurant. When you enter this restaurant, you'll be given a stamp card (don't ever lose it). The restaurant's theme is a Swiss Market, which means the restaurant is divided into several market stations. In here, there are 5 stations (Hot island, Cold island, Hot beverages, Cold beverages, and Pastry bakery). You can walk around and see all the mouth-watering market stands and choose whatever you want. When you wanna order something at a stand, just order to their friendly staffs and don't forget to give your stamp card. The system is made by order, so after you order- your dish is freshly cooked in front of your eyes. Then, after your meals are ready, take them by your self (self-service) to your table. Enjoy your meals! Lastly, what you have to do is.. of course- pay what you ordered! Just give your stamp card so their staffs can give you the bill. It's such an interesting method, isn't it? :D

Here are the fooood :

Strawberry pannacotta pie (38k). Filled with strawberries and dragon fruit slices. I love the decent strawberry pannacotta, especially the texture, it's very soft. The sweetness level is perfect. YUM! Unfortunately, I found the pie was a little bit too thick for me. Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of pie :P 

DRINKS: Honeydew lemonade & Watermelon lemonade (around 20-30k each). They're freshly hand-pressed juices! No sugar added. They taste so nice and so refreshing!

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Overall, I love this unique themed restaurant so much! Especially their interior.. I felt like I wasn't in Indonesia, but in an authentic Swiss Village Market :) I really love the atmosphere and cozy ambiance there. Plaza Senayan branch has two levels, all the market stations are on the first level when the second level is suitable for private event. The restaurant also has a children play area, named "Heidi House". For the food, I couldn't find anything wrong with what I ate, they were all delish. Moreover, according to their concepts, they only use fresh and high quality ingredients (FRESH) - they serve salad-vegetables, they use olive oil and other healthy cooking oil (HEALTHY) - the dishes are made by order and each stand has well-trained staff (FAST). Their staffs are all friendly and polite. My conclusion : Marché is such a great place to go for a meal, since they offer various delicious western dishes with hearty portions and reasonable prices. I'll come back for sure :9 RECOMMENDED!

Marché Restaurant - PS
Plaza Senayan 5th Fl. Unit 500CP
Ph: 021- 5790 5856

Marché Restaurant - GI
Entertainment District 3A #03A-D West Mall - besides Musical Fountain
Ph: 021- 2358 1126/ -27

Thanks once again to Marché Restaurant - Plaza Senayan for inviting JiF and also Mr. Alvin & Ms. Eli for hosting me:)

Anyway, here are the interior photos :

The stations photos are here :

 Pastry Bakery
 Savory Crepe
 Tomato Soup
 Caesar Salad
 Roasted Chicken Legs
 Roasted Chicken Leg
 Roasted Chicken Wings
 Meat Grill
 Traditional Wooden Fire Pizza
 Homemade Pasta
 Fruits/ Juices
 Fresh hand-pressed juices
Fresh hand-pressed juices


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