Paradise Inn

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They're such nice Chinese lamps, aren't they? I beg you could notice what Chinese Restaurant is this. Paradise Inn. I often go to here for having lunch/ dinner with my beloved family. Good food with good price and good place, make me happy to come back here. Just so you know, Paradise Inn is one of the famous Boga Group Restaurants. Okay so let's go to the food :

Imperial Pork Ribs (S 55k). I ordered the small portion. My fav pork dish at Paradise Inn. The pork ribs were juicy and tender, and definitely delicious. It's just really nice to enjoy the pork ribs with warm white rice.

Hot Plate Tofu with Preserved Cai Xin and Minced Pork (S 48k). Another fav dish of mine at Paradise Inn. The tofu is very soft and smooth, morever served with the special sauce, it makes the tofu more delish! FYI, the tofu are special hand-made by Paradise Inn. So it has no doubt the tofu is so nice. Anyway, on the special sauce, there're also preserved cai xin and minced pork.

Bang Bang Chicken with Honey and Young Ginger (S 58k). I didn't really taste the ginger, but the honey taste a little bit stronger. Me likey this dish! The bang bang chicken tastes great. But unfortunately, the chicken is oily. Don't care, I drank the 'delish & healthy tea'. Scroll-down. Keep reading!

Thai Style Sauteed Baby Kai Lan with Salted Fish (58k). This vegetable dish is very unique. You can taste the sour, salty, and sweet taste in your mouth. I just love this. Really.

Lily Flower, Forget Me Not, Dried Longan and Chrysanthemum (25k). Good news for you! I love this tea so much, it's so flavorful yet tasty. It tastes already pretty sweet. And the tea has benefits : nourishes lungs, reileves cough, detoxifles the body, and has beauty enhancing properties. Delicious and healthy. Need to say more?

Paradise Inn is one of my favorite Chinese Restaurant in Jakarta. And I never get bored to dine in here. The food all are delicious, the place is great with good ambiance. Maybe the price is a little bit pricey, but I think it's worth it. One thing I didn't like is the service, some visits to here I had to wait to call the waiters. Maybe they lack of waiters or hmm at lunch/ dinner time they're full-packed. Understandable. But I went there sometimes at early or late-lunch/dinner. That's the problem. They should improve the service. I think good food is useless if the service isn't good. I hope their service improves time by time. But I never get bored to go to Paradise Inn :)

Paradise Inn
Puri Indah Mall, Lt.1 Unit #102
Ph: 021-5822-459

Plaza Indonesia, Level Basement Unit 25-27A
Ph: 021-2992-3848

Baywalk Mall, lt.1 Unit 11,12,15
Ph: 021- 2962-9495

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