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JiF goes to The Breeze BSD! Yep, finally JiF had a chance to write a review about a little rooftop cozy cafe outside Jakarta, called The FOOL. Going there at lunch time, the weather wasn't friendly with me. It was so so HOT! After around 5mins to look for this cafe, finally I found it! It's located at the second floor of the building, at the rooftop. The cafe has indoor and outdoor areas. Let's see the food here :

Tenderloin Steak (around 120k). Tenderloin steak served with mashed potato and fresh salad, topped with BBQ sauce. I requested the medium-well level but unluckily the steak was well-done. Yep, anyway the steak is quite delicious but not really juicy and tender. The mashed potato was just okay. The BBQ sauce is pretty decent. Pretty good dish.

Salmon Steak (around 120k). Salmon steak served with potato wedges and fresh salad, topped with BBQ sauce. The presentation is just the same with the tenderloin one. The salmon was a little bit fishy for me, just so you know I'm a fan of salmon, but unfortunately this dish couldn't impress me. Btw, the portion of the salmon meat is quite generous- I meant the cut is bigger than any other restaurants serve. The potato wedges were okay but not crunchy.

Thai Iced Tea & Lychee Iced Tea (around 25k). I like both of them! So refreshing!

Here are the interior photos :

Overall, The Fool really impress me with the super cozy interior, especially the big sofa on the corner besides the vintage unique red telephone box. I called it a hidden gem in BSD City. At that time, I thought the outside weather will affect me in the cafe, but luckily it didn't. For the food, maybe I gotta try another dish since I wasn't really impressed with the food I ordered. The waiters were all friendly and the service was fast. For the price, it's a little bit pricey when the taste wasn't so special. But you know, the view from here are great! The Breeze is such a beautiful mall with unique concept. Maybe when I'm in The Breeze area, The Fool will be on my list. 

The Fool 
The Breeze Mall, Batik 3 Lot.28-29 (Rooftop) BSD City
Ph: 021- 5038 5023

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