MIKA Japanese Bistro

7:00 PM

Walking through the Food Society at Kota Kasablanca, this eye-catching bistro really attracted me to pay a visit. Luckily, I got a voucher and had a chance to try their dishes. The name of the bistro and the interior are very different. The interior theme is European Vintage, whereas they serve mostly Japanese food and also Western food. Well, it's actually the uniqueness of MIKA Japanese Bistro. And now, let's find out whether their food can impress me or not ;)

Shitake Mushroom Soup (30k). The presentation is simple but good-looking, especially the cute mini black hot bowl. The taste? I love this mushroom soup so damn much! It's very delicious, I just couldn't resist to finish it by myself. But I didn't really like the bread, I just couldn't find it good. I'd better eat the soup alone.

Omurice Classic (60k). What's omurice? Omurice is an omelette wrapped around tomato fried rice and garnished with special Japanese sauce. Well, I must say this dish doesn't taste good for my mouth, I'm not liking this maybe because the taste is so authentic or something.


Fish Katsu on Egg Mayo (60k). Dory fish katsu on egg mayo served with aglio olio and fresh salad. Me likey this so much! It's much much better than the classic omurice. This dish tastes so nice on my mouth. I like the fish katsu, not fishy and not oily. Delish! The egg mayo sauce was just okay. And the classic aglio olio is pretty delicious! FYI, maybe the portion looks not much, but I was very full after finished it.

Anyway, here are the interior photos :

In my opinion, this European-vintage-themed Japanese Bistro is such a nice place to dine in. I felt comfortable with the cozy ambiance and maked me feel like I was at home atmosphere. You can have a chat, have lunch or dinner with your family, friends, or your loved ones at this homey bistro. The service was fast and good. For the price, I think it's quite reasonable since it's located at a nice shopping mall. The food? Me likey the fish katsu and for appetizer you can try the mushroom soup. Nice lowh! I'll come back to try another dish, especially the famous dessert : banoffee pie. Join me?;)

MIKA Japanese Bistro
Kota Kasablanca Mall - Food Society Ground Fl. #M-11
Ph: 021- 2946 4975

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